A Mortal Win

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There are all kinds of Southern Californias. The quiet, still heat of the street outside Pie ‘n Burger. The rushed desert wind through the clothesline. The crisp clean breeze off the ocean, taco in hand. For these three Londoners in Vondelpark they seem to emphasize the spaces between things. The very idea of walking to San Diego from anywhere is exhausting and could only take place in a dream. The gentle guitar and tidy beats are a ruse. This is not a breezy song but instead filled with the restless tension of a sleepless night, the hot breath of the Santa Anas on your body and the humid drip of a cheap air conditioner futilely whining away.

But I don’t mean to get carried away with all that. Vondelpark have an album out this April called Seabed and my bet is it’s going to be great.

PS. – Their previous single “Dracula” is worth tracking down too.

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