February 23, 2005 | Posted by blair at 06:15 PM

Double-shot of Pop

"How to Beat the SAT" by The Metric Mile


"I Love Meatballs" by Phofo

These two small-pop gems come from the great new compilation, New York Noise, released by the city of New York (no, seriously, its put out by the city). Its a compilation of songs that have appeared (or will appear) on the TV show of the same name where they show music videos (amazing concept, showing videos on TV, right?) by what most folks would consider underground bands (or directors) that are based in the NYC area. The show is a really good way to find bands you might not otherwise hear about. NYNoise is on the NYC TV station - it used to just be on cable, channel 74, but now they've also got a terrestrial broadcast station, on channel 25.

Anywho, the comp is totally rad, with contributions from the Burnside Project, the Besties, Dirty on Purpose, Fur Cups for Teeth, White Magic and Panda Bear among (many) others. I went with these two because they've got the pop-magic thing going on.

The Metric Mile make good electronic-aided pop music, you know, like that Postal something-or-other band. They are based in Brooklyn, and they're currently working on new material having finally sold the last of the copies of their debut EP How to Beat the SAT. Their next show in NYC is at Pianos on March 25th. This Phofo track is also all awesomeness - it reminds me a bit of the Avalanches (my favorite dirty Australians), with its bounce and cute/unrecognizable samples. Phofo produces for other folks (M.C. Paul Barman for instance), does remixes, mashups and, last I heard, is working on his own full-length album.

Check the NYNoise site for more info on the show, very much worth watching if you're in the metro area, and check the Metric Mile and Phofo sites for more downloadable traxxx...

Happy Wednesday!


Holy moly, Phofo kicks ass!

Posted by: Yuriy at March 31, 2005 01:41 PM
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