March 30, 2005 | Posted by jp at 08:22 PM

back in the spotlight

Pedro - Hoop

Pedro is no stranger to music.for-robots, with music from his outstanding remix EP having been featured two times on music.for-robots, and one of the featured tracks ending up on the new Prefuse 73 LP. he hails from the UK, via the outstanding Melodic Label, where his first EP marked their first ever release. his new complation album, Early Pedro (where this track comes from), is a collection of his first three releases, in and effort to "complete the set, and end frustration at the inflated eBay prices of [Pedro's] back catalogue." as I've written about at length before, Pedro (real name James Rutledge) began his career when only 19, and created a sound that intricately weaves together all the best elements of experimental hip-hop, downtempo, and all other genres that've grown from the UK foundations laid in the early 90's to create utterly breathtaking music. if the artists that have sought him out to remix his work and collaborate with him are any testament to his place in this community (and they are), Pedro will continue to be one to watch.

the LP Early Pedro comes out April 4th, and you can [order it directly from the label store], or [listen to and purchase Melodic releases on Bleep].

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