June 01, 2005 | Posted by blair at 09:03 PM

Something Worth Saving

three animals are better than one "The Rats" by Tiger Bear Wolf

Yes! Finally (southern) rock has returned in such a nasty, filthy, beautiful way. Tiger Bear Wolf, blazing out of Greensboro, North Carolina, is all about the rock and roll - their burning-stereo-guitars style feels nothing short of genius right about now. Their approach is garage-burner rocking - you can tell their equipment is probably older than the band-members - but the attack of their guitars and rhythm section is highly angular. I think its a great combination of technique and style.

Their sound is at once this slippery, bluesy, swinging thing, but at the same time rediculously tight. I'd LOVE to see them play live just to see how their on-stage chemistry is - I imagine they look like they're always about to either hug or fight. You kind of have to be at each other's throats, in a hot-make-out way, or a fierce ready-to-strangle-you way, to make music like this.

The band is Matt Bostick on Bass, Lawrence Holdsworth on Drums, Noah Howard and Jonathan Moore on Guitar, and (from their website) they're "are all working on learning to sing" - an approach I really appreciate. Of course if you can sing, then awesome, let's hear it, but if you can't but you're screaming out and trying, then I'm all for it.

Their self-titled full-length album is out now on Athens, GA-based Hello Sir Records - also home to indie-electro-noisecore band We Versus The Shark - hooray for mega-rocking indie music! You can buy their album here.

They're doing an extensive tour of the south, mid-west and north-east this summer, so hopefully I'll get to catch them when they roll through the NYC area... Hmm... Tiger Bear Wolf at an Music For Robots sponsored BBQ?

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ALSO, tomorrow (Thursday, 6/2), I'm gonna be rockin the spot known as the Hanger Bar* (217 East 3rd St, btwn B and C), with my friend The Captain, for his party 'Dirty Down' - expect mayhem, crazy-cheap drinks, free candy, and serious amounts of 80s rock and roll! Seriously.

* the Hanger used to be Plant Bar


I was totally on my way to see you spinning at Hanger Mr. B, but I was stopped dead in my tracks by a non-running L train. Rats! A pox on the MTA!

Posted by: The 1-2-3-4 at June 2, 2005 11:48 PM

Ah, I swell with pride at this, being a Greensborian. Thanks, robots.

Posted by: Paige at June 3, 2005 09:38 PM
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