August 23, 2005 | Posted by anders at 01:38 AM

i can regulate your breathing


Lovage taught me that Jennifer Charles has possibly the sexiest voice of any woman, ever. For this I am grateful.

Now, JG Thirlwell (aka Foetus, Steroid Maximus, Clint Ruin, Wiseblood, etc., etc.), old-school mainstay of the Industrial / Noise Rock scene has a new lesson for us in regards to Ms. Charles: she can sound kinda scary too.

Listen to Thrush off Foetus's newest album "Love" if you don't believe me. (buy it from amazon or straight from Birdman Records)

OK. Granted, the creepiness factor has a whole lot to do with the horror movie grade music Thirlwell creates and his own gravely singing. But her voice in this track does take on a decidedly ghostly, eerie tone. If that weren't enough, the CD comes with a DVD of a few videos which are really strange (the one for "Blessed Evening", directed by Karen O is probably the most disturbing of the bunch).

The news that they're going to be releasing a documentary on Thirlwell fills me with additional anticipatory joy.

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