January 23, 2006 | Posted by mark at 01:39 PM

I'll be your happy ending

Point Juncture, WAPoint Juncture, WA - Seven.

I solicit lots of bands for CDs. They come in the mail in indentical manila mailers, and after awhile it starts to blend together, and sometimes I forget who is who. So when I opened up the package from Point Juncture, WA and was faced with this absolutely outstanding CD packaging, I had no idea what to expect inside. I didn't remember that I had streamed their album from their sit a few days earlier and loved it. I just looking at a postcard underneath two sheets of cardboard wrapped in twine. Underneath that was a envelope with window cut in in the front, lovingly taped shut in the back. After breaking the seal I exposed the card-stock cd case -- hand painted and hand-numbered 789 of 1000. It's gorgeous.

And if they expend that much care on the packaging, you can just imagine how good the music is. The melodies remind me of Sunny Day Real Estate's Diary, but that's not really a good touchstone. This track starts with a shuffling dusty drum beat and some sweet vibraphone, already setting a mood before the male and female vocals launch. It's quiet and gentle. This is definitely music from the Pacific Northwest.

Why is it that every band I post is from Portland these days? I have no idea. I've never even been there. My guess is that I'm giving everyone the wrong idea, but I can't really say. At any rate, I love this CD, and it's perfect for this windy Los Angeles Monday. I'm grateful that it came.

Their record, Mama Auto Boss is available at CD Baby for ten bucks. Not bad at all. It came out in November of last year without much fanfare. I highly recommend it.


oh hell yes mark. point juncture were kind of one of the break-out bands in portland 2005. and they're the sweetest kids on the planet. big ups!

Posted by: TRMW at January 23, 2006 02:13 PM

these kids are amazing. yes it's very true.

Posted by: tyler at January 23, 2006 03:13 PM

Hey! Thanx for posting! Liked it lots!
Have you guys checked out Sara Culler? Partner of David Fridlund and backing vocalist of David & the Citizens (saw that you wrote about them a while ago)? She's got some GRREAT stuff!
Her blog: http://saraculler.webblogg.se
Her myspace: www.myspace.com/aboutsaraculler

Posted by: Kina at January 23, 2006 03:21 PM

love this!

Posted by: kaylee at January 23, 2006 09:31 PM

Why is it that every band you post lately is from Portland?

Because Portland friggin' rocks! No, seriously, there's such an intense DIY aesthetic here that there is an abundance of musicians and makers of things. There seems to be something like 5 audience members for every band member/DJ/promoter/record store worker/etc., while in most towns the ratio is usually a LOT higher (like 15-30 audience members to every band member).

The glut can be annoying sometimes and wonderful other times. But mostly it just means that there's tons of great music coming out of Portland all the time. I mean, this town hosts over 30 independent record stores, and chain stores have a tough time getting a foothold in the city.

Mark, if you ever wanna visit, just let me know! Pt. Juncture, WA is on the rise...also check out Portland-based The Kingdom!

Posted by: --s-tephen at January 24, 2006 12:25 AM

Thanks for the mp3 and link...these guys are pretty good from what I'm hearing...

Posted by: Justin at January 24, 2006 02:20 PM

It's true... they're the nicest kids in Portland!

Posted by: Dave at January 24, 2006 06:54 PM

Holy Yo La Tengo, Batman!

Posted by: Chazz at January 24, 2006 09:42 PM

They're sincere.

Posted by: Sara at November 19, 2006 02:05 PM
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