April 11, 2006 | Posted by mark at 11:54 PM

They Sound a Little Better in Print

Marching Band Marching Band - Feel Good About It.

Marching Band is Erik Sunbring and Jacob Lind from Linköping, Sweden. They seem like really nice guys. If you click around the pictures on their website you'll see lots of grass, trees, sunsets and bicycles. That seems about right to me, considering this is folk pop written by two friends from Sweden. And while we're in the beginning of Spring and this music seems rooted in Autumn, I think we can make due.

I like that this isn't country, or especially sad, or especially whiney. It's not really indie rock. It's really just pop music with nice harmony vocals, crisp acoustic guitars and some interesting production quirks here and there in the background. I especially like the xylophone quietly echoing the guitar line in the outro. The song has the feeling of something wrapping up, finally coming to a close. It reminds me of both Jose Gonzalez and Kings of Convenience, but it's a little sunnier than both of those, with seemingly more hope attached.

This song comes off the band's most recent of 3 EPs. You can hear the band's growth on each subsequent release, with this latest being the most confident and self-assured of the bunch. The opening track "Letters" is a nic piece of pop as well -- you can go to their site and track it down. If you'd like to purchase one of their EPs you can Contact the band to find out how. I think they cost 60 SEK, but I have no idea how much money that really is.


You get 7.66 SEK for $1 with today's exchange rate, which means 60 SEK is roughly $8.

Being a Linköping native myself, it's really nice to see a local band being introduced on one of my favorite mp3 blogs. Even though it's a small city in global terms (130,000 people or so, of which almost 30,000 are students) I still hadn't heard of these guys before. I should be slapped for that, as it's a great track.

Also, thanks for continuing to present interesting new music here at music (for robots). I should tell people that I appreciate what they do more often. So: thanks Mark (and the rest of the fellas too). I appreciate it.

Posted by: Fredrik at April 12, 2006 05:39 AM

OK, punch me in the face. I deserve it. They used to call themselves Second Language. I knew about them under that name. I should check the website properly before opening my mouth or opening my keyboard or whatever it is you do when you type.

The older track Travel in Time is actually a really nice piece of music. Great rythm.

Posted by: Fredrik at April 12, 2006 05:44 AM


i have never listened to this guys, but i have met them, they seems to be nice, check out housewife lovers, its also new swe pop

Posted by: henric at April 13, 2006 07:07 AM
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