June 01, 2006 | Posted by mark at 01:47 AM

I Had the Best Brown Eyed Girl

the man Arizona - Some Kind of Chill.

So, I won't lie to you -- it's still hot as balls in my office. What makes it super frustrating is that it's gorgeous outside. Like, absolutely perfect weather. A nice cool breeze, a few small clouds in the sky, and a creaky bamboo forest in the courtyard. It's brilliant, and it's all just out of reach while we all swelter inside with a broken a/c unit. With that in mind, I present you with Arizona.

The band isn't from Arizona. Blair's from Arizona, but not the band. Now they all live in Brooklyn. That's not really a surprise, now is it? What is a surprise is how sweet this song is. It's got a classic melody, a wonderful falsetto vocal and a good old fashioned slide solo. What's not to like. I mean, the band was produced by Danny Kadar, who's worked with My Morning Jacket (among a boatload of others), and while this song isn't soaked with a bucket of reverb, I can see that it's a branch from the same tree. It's just a wonderful American pop tune.

Like the band yesterday, Arizona is another tall glass of lemonade on a hot ass day. The band has finished recording this record, with artwork soon to come from Deems. I'm not sure if they've got a label or anything. My guess is they don't. I'm sure they'll have one soon -- it seems like theyr'e working pretty hard. In the meantime, you can check out their myspace page for some more songs and info. Recommended.


There is another band called Arizona but they sing electronic type of music and they are from Monterrey Mexico! This band stole their name!

Posted by: Michelle at June 5, 2006 02:05 AM

How do you "sing electronic type of music"? Cybernetic implants to the vocal folds? If the band from Monterrey Mexico went so far as to modify their body with cybernetic enhancements, they can modify their band name. Gawrsh!

Posted by: Ben at June 25, 2006 11:34 AM
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