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You’ve probably heard about standup comedian Tig Notaro’s amazing set about her breast cancer diagnosis, but I want to add my thoughts on it and hopefully send a few more dollars her way. Live (pronounced like the verb, not the adjective) is an incredible half-hour of standup comedy. Notaro–who is now cancer-free–does an insightful, visceral set about the absurdity of her past few months, a set delivered only days after receiving her diagnosis. In the span of a few months, Notaro lost her mother, was dumped by her girlfriend, and was diagnosed with c. diff, pneumonia, and breast cancer. The insanity of these events is detailed in Notaro’s set, building to a beautiful ending that contrasts her past half-hour with typical standup routines (and, by extension, the things we talk about in everyday life and the things we actually think and worry about). You can hear an excerpt from Live on last week’s episode of This American Life.

There’s been a lot of media attention on Notaro lately, and all of it is well-deserved. She’s an excellent comedian, and this latest release (after 2011’s terrific Good One) is simply an example of her craft. Here’s to Tig Notaro’s continued good health.

You can buy Live for five bucks on Louis C.K.’s website, with a portion of proceeds benefiting breast cancer charities. You should also check out Notaro’s hilarious podcast, Professor Blastoff.

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  1. Peter Estes

    Hey David! 😀

    Got a brand new “IRRISISTABLE-FUNKY-DANCE-POP-INDIE-EAR-CANDY” 3-SONG-EP out, and I’d love to get the “MFR Treatment” on it.

    Here’s the website: …has all the usual vids, pics, bio, snuffleupagus, etc…

    Here’s Soundcloud:

    Press Kit for audio, video, pics, bio, etc… (all this stuff is at the website, but I guess it’s supposed to look cool if you have a press kit.)

    Please don’t take this the wrong way… I’d like to kiss up a little and say something like, “LUV your site, btw!” …but, I don’t pay the slightest bit of attention to the music biz :/ …sorry, man! Just bein’ real.

    ~~That’s it for now. Thanks for your time!

    ~~Keepin’ it Funky, DIDynamite -Charleston, SC

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