How I Feel For You Now

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Every once in a while, someone from the old days reaches out to us with a new song. You have no idea how happy this makes us. Back in 2007, we wrote about Hallelujah the Hills, and their then-new album “Collective Psychosis Begone.” It was a fun album — an excellent of-the-times indie document. If asked, what was indie rock like in early 2007, a listen to Hallelujah the Hills is a great answer. And they’ve been here the whole time, releasing albums, EPs, singles; growing changing, adapting and never losing the thread that made them great. So what once defined them in their time now sets them apart, highlighting their strengths as patiently confident songwriters. I’d place them alongside The National and The Walkmen as mature, lived-in troubadours with something to say about their corner of America.

They have a new single, aptly titled The Winter 2013 Single, which is definitely worth your time.

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