It hasn’t been the easiest fall, Robots – there have been some health issues in my household; nothing hugely serious, but not the common cold, either, and it’s not going away anytime soon. That’s the main reason for my lack of posts lately, and it’s been taking up all my time and energy. I haven’t done much other than work, spend time with my amazing family, and think about how lucky we all are to have each other.

However, in the middle of all of this has been the Music of 2012. I’m finally catching up on the big releases this year, and one has surprised me: Former Lives by Benjamin Gibbard. It surprised me because I’ve never been a huge Death Cab fan, and I wasn’t sure what a record with only its singer would sound like. I’ve ended up liking the record quite a bit. It’s got some great songs, but it’s provided some comfort, too; there’s something about Gibbard’s voice that I find instantly soothing, whether it’s surrounded by the swirling guitars of Death Cab or the bleeps and bloops of the Postal Service.

So thanks, Gibbard. In a year that’s offered plenty of too-cool-for-school white noise and synths, you’ve come out with something not cool at all: sentiment, melody, and songwriting. There’s a place for detachment too, but that’s not what I need right now.


  1. bug

    Sorry to hear about your issues, but good to see that you have your priorities straight. Stay safe.

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