I Gets High Off Your Love

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Guy Ivory is the next in a long line of slender blue eye soulsters from the UK. I have no idea why this has continued to be a thing, and what the cultural and political ramifications of such a thing are. I’m sure there are entire graduate semesters dedicated to unpacking the problematic carpetbagging going on here. But that’s not what I’m here for. I’m here to share with you a surprisingly pleasant cover of an old favorite of mine. D’Angelo, for myriad reasons, has basically entered the realm of the unfuckwithable. With only two proper albums under his belt and the occasional masterful live performance through the years, he has left enough mystery and sexual tension in our collective memories to elevate him to pedestal status. He is legend. So it takes a reasonable amount of chutzpah for this kid from England to attempt one of D’Angelo’s signature songs.

Now, there is a lot of minimal r’n’b going on these days, both all colors and creeds. My issue with a lot of it comes down to run time. These songs can drag on for what seems like dry desert days. The nice thing about Guy Ivory’s track here is that it doesn’t linger. It fills a necessary amount of space, shows off his pipes and his keys and then leaves before outstaying its welcome. This is a great calling card.

He also has original tunes, like the spry Any Day which is decidedly ’90s in flavor. It doesn’t work quite as well as the cover, but he’s on the right track and I think he’ll eventually get there.

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