I Hope You Know


If this were 2005, those naive early days, I would’ve arrogantly demanded that the band let me post an mp3 of their song “Choices” off Scatter, because holy crap is that a song. It’s also the most 2005 song I’ve heard in ages and would’ve given the Bloc Party’s Silent Alarm a run for its money, which is no easy feat. Simply comprised of a drummer and a guitarist, both from South London, Crushed Beaks are everything I’m a sucker for.

And don’t worry, “Overgrown” here is a fine song – one of the best on the album – but their album definitely puts me in the headspace of a foolhardy young blogger and that’s totally what I would’ve done because I was a dick like that. We grow and we learn!

ANYway, you should get their album because it’s awesome.


  1. Emmet

    Hey man, this song is really great. I hadn’t thought about this blog in a decade, almost, until I found my old livejournal from high school. One of my best friends then told me to check out this blog and it was hear that I heard The National and Bloc Party for the first time. Fitting that I click on the link in my old journal and here this gem, which sounds very 2005.

    Anyway, back then you put up a lot of music I fell in love with and wouldn’t have found otherwise, music that shaped my life. Thank you. I’m glad to have this blog back in my life.

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