I want a Pepsi and a heart that won’t break

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Bad Bad Hats - It Hurts - Cover

Bad Bad HatsSuper America.

I love everything about this song: the chugging acoustic guitars, the simple melody, Kerry Alexander’s just-engaged-enough voice, the handclaps, the tambourine. This is one of those embarrassing situations in which somebody completely has my number. Maybe I shouldn’t mind.

Bad Bad Hats are Alexander, her songwriting partner Chris Hoge, and their buddy Noah Boswell. They met at Macalaster College in Minnesota, and this song shows their roots: Superamerica is a midwestern minimart chain with absolutely terrible commercials. But there’s something comforting about their presence, and I like that this song taps in to the simplicity of finding friendship (or more) on a junk food run.

This song is from the It Hurts EP, available now as a free download.

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