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I don’t know how long this has been going on, but since yesterday when I first stumbled upon this page of remixes of the Deerhoof song Rrrrrrright the number has tripled at least. Some of the remixes don’t stray too far from the original. Some are pretty catchy, some techno-ish, others glitchy, and others just don’t make the cut here.
I haven’t downloaded every remix on the page, but here’s one of the better ones I’ve heard. It’s short, but I feel like it’s the most focused and stays on point.
Rrrrrrrght – SFTCMH remix
You too can get involved. Go to the Deerhoof website to download the individual tracks in the song (there are four), and using whatever means you have rearrange them to your liking. There are directions on the webpage to email your converted mp3 file to Deerhoof, and they’ll post it on the site. Get on that octopus, but also let us know if you’ve done so.
Deerhoof is commencing a tour today through the next month of the western and southern US promoting their new album The Runners Four.
Check tour dates here and buy the album.


  1. Rawktron

    Not sure if it’s up yet, but I also submitted a mix – “rawktron” mix..

  2. Mersenne Twister

    i did the mersenne_twister_ADD_mix.. if you want a version that doesn’t resemble the original at all try it :). however the original kicks all asses fo’ sure..

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