Never Make Your Path Less Heavy



Once in a while a song comes across our lap that would’ve blown our brains apart back in the early days of mp3 blogging. This Peaking Lights remix of the new Young Galaxy single is just such a track. To hear this patented New Order groove with synth strings and hand drums, the blog world would have died. The funny thing is, the song still slays. I love the space between verses, letting the song breathe. Even though it’s packed solid with barely any open spaces, it somehow feels light and free. On a trick-or-treat sunny day like today, this magnificent beat paired with the quiet catch in her throat as she signs “You’re my Pretty Boy, always” is just perfect. This confident, thoughtful war cry is exactly what we need right now. This is the sound of getting things done, of living our lives, and keeping it together; the subtle, almost invisible voices of laughing children in the background bless the whole affair with a youthful effervescence. Incredible song.

Their new album, Ultramarine, will be out on Paper Bag Records in April.


  1. khalil

    Anyone who is into futurebeats style electronic music should check out KHALIL, a new project from Jacksonville, Florida label Thumbs Up Records. Their first EP, “Tell Us What Happened,” has met with nearly universal acclaim from the local and online music community. Check it out on bandcamp:

  2. John

    The graphic for this song is messing with my vision. But it does add some weird effects as you listen to song. As far as the song “Pretty Boy” – I like it. Nice sound and groove.

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