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Rewards – Equal Dreams by DFA Records

We’ve got a backlog of drafts here in our wordpress — for whatever reason I’ll start to write up a track and then just never finish it, or never post it. Sometimes it’s like an mp3 link, or a just a lone image. Every once in a while I got through them and try to remember why I never posted something and I almost never come up with a satisfactory answer. I was going through them this morning and stumbled on this one — one of Dev Hynes’ many side projects, and one of the ones to feature Solange on backing vocals. It’s a bit of a throwaway, this EP, but I like it’s spirit — especially the closing track. It’s an ’80s style thumper full of nervous energy that hints at the urgency of Dev’s full length released late last year. I think this one is from the summer of 2011, which seems like a lifetime ago.

Anyway, enjoy!

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