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Frances the BandFrancesSale.
I know that my friends on the east coast are getting pummelled in a nor’easter. I actually saw pictures of my old subway stop in Boston by South Station, where i used to commute every day. I don’t miss it one bit. Here we have slighly cloudy skies, 60-degree weather, and sunshine. What’s not to like? I’m sure you think it’s weird that I talk about the weather all the time, but I think it generally has an impact on what music I end up posting. I’m sure I’d post something a little more down if I were in their soggy shoes in New York City right now, and something even more different if I was baking in the sun in Costa Rica or something. But today, it’s sort of an Elliott Smith kind of day. But instead we have Paul Hogan.
He recorded this album under the name Frances, playing most of the instruments. Now there is a full band, called Frances that plays live sometimes. It’s a great little record, with cool textures and atmospheres. The song “It” that was recently posted on said the gramophone is another highlight, with a wonderful accordian part. It’s a quiet album, with lots of toy piano and organ and banjo and mandolin. Paul has done some good work here, and the album is definitely worth grabbing.
It should be noted, however, that the other songs don’t necessarily sound like “Sale,” which is sort of the most upbeat track on the album. The others are longer, more stretched out, and very interesting. It’s kind of hard to explain (you’d think I’d be better at this after writing these things for so long, but sometimes words escape me).
Anyway, is it daylight savings time yet? I think they pushed it back to November, which means we have to wait even longer to fall back. I think Frances understands that too, as these songs fit in with the dark fall nights, and the calendar slipping away from you.
You can buy the album direct from our friends at insound.


  1. Taryn

    Oh, darling. You spelled Elliott Smith wrong. It’s two t’s. But I forgive you, sort of.

  2. Matt

    Totally hear you on the seasonal thing. Foliage makes me listen to Kelly Joe Phelps and I don’t know why.
    Good tune here. Thanks for the intro.

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