That’s Ok I Was Born in LA

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Foxygen – San Francisco

What starts as a winking Zombies-style takedown of Paisley Underground cliches explodes into a gorgeous example of just how beautiful that whole genre can be. Taking off on the old chestnut “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” and glazing it over with a healthy dose of millennial ennui, Foxygen continue to be the best ’60s carpetbaggers in the scene today — and that is not a dig. I think these dudes are fascinating. Brian Jones is clearly their favorite Stone, they seemingly have never heard a Beatles record they liked, and to them the keyboard-wielding ’80s never happened. I’m going to assume that they aren’t joking and this is just who they are, which is awesome. I’m always glad to see one of their oddball rock nuggets roll onto my desk.

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