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My guess is that lots of people around my age grew up listening to the same music — music that their parents listened to. How else could you explain similar musical styles popping up in seemingly separate parts of the country? When I first heard Bodies of Water, I had to constantly remind myself that they were from Los Angeles. I get so jaded with all the terrible bands that move here to break it on the sunset strip, that I forget there are great bands sharing space here too. But I’m sure these guys were listening to the same Joni Mitchell records (miles of aisles!), peter paul & mary, beach boys, etc. that lots of other folks were. It shows in the music, which is very much its own thing.
Bodies of Water is a quartet, with two boys and two girls. It’s hard to describe the music, but it’s basically 60s/folk-influenced indie rock. It’s very good. I fell in love with it on the way to work this morning, and haven’t stopped listening yet. Each of the 4 songs on their beautifully handcrafted EP have something to offer. The track I posted is the first in the sequence, and the most poppy of the four. The second track, “I Guess I’ll Forget the Sound” is actually my favorite. It’s got a gorgeous breakdown, and cascading horns at the end. It’s great pop, with just enough amateur edge to make it sweet. It even walks a fine line, steering clear of the Twee label. It’s just great music.
I would love for you all to run out and buy this EP, because I think you should. It’s damn fine. But, I don’t think it’s for sale. Mine says it’s #176 of 200 (they’re hand-silk screened), so my guess is there aren’t many left. I’ll ask the band and see what they say. Those of you in Los Angeles can check the band out next Wednesday (Nov. 2nd) at Mr. T’s Bowl. 5612 and 1/2 N. Figueroa in Highland Park at 9 p.m.


  1. addicted

    Great review. this band is amazing. after hearing them live, i can’t wait for a full length cd to come out with some of their other songs. i listen to the ep every day. such original songs.

  2. Dylan

    Hey, they just made thier first batch of awesome t-shirts! Hand silk screened and everything. If you wanna hear more from them, myspace them!

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