This Is The Start Of What Was


A beautiful, tender, intelligent and elegant update on the blues, the music of King Krule is somehow also the single most British music I’ve heard in years. While we Americans tunnel down the twin rabbit holes of blown out amps and blown out vocal cords, Archy Marshall seems to be more interested in soul. The callback to the kindred spirit from Empty Cans at the end totally seals it.

I love this.


  1. The Danny Church Band

    Great post. Sometimes we observe things (or listen to them) based on surface value. British + dreamy + glitchy dub style drumming in the B section would not seem to = blues. Truly this is a reminder that “blues” or “soul” is not a type of musical descriptor or genre, but a feeling. Thank you for posting this lovely music and your wonderful observation on its merit as blues

  2. mark

    Thanks Danny — I really appreciate it. King Krule has a full length finally coming out in August and hopefully it lives up to my very high expectations. Thanks for stopping by! –Mark

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