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Kurt VileWakin’ On A Pretty Day

The story goes that in the backyard of Bob Seger’s house up in the moneyed hills of Detroit are buried the master tapes of his acoustic solo album, Brand New Morning. So unhappy with the finished product and totally unwilling to revisit it, Bob allegedly disowned the album completely, never to be reissued or given a wide release. Anyone who’s heard the album knows that while he was totally over-reacting he wasn’t really robbing the world of a masterpiece. But, nonetheless, I think its influence is out there, and a song like Kurt Vile‘s “Wakin’ On A Pretty Day” shares some DNA with a song like “Brand New Morning” — long, a little ramblin’, and definitely personal. Kurt’s stretches out over 9 minutes with long passages of soloing. He is clearly a gifted and thoughtful guitar player, and I’m glad someone is carrying the torche for long-form guitar noodling. You can get lost in it without getting distracted by the technicality of it. It is easy-going and graceful in its grunge; a beautiful featherweight song that is going to be the centerpiece of a great spring/summer album.

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