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BirdmonsterI am the Wind.

This is the way to do it. Free from deadlines, restrictions, obligations. Free from the pressure to create, the four fine gentlemen from Birdmonster have been recording whenever and wherever inspiration seems to strike. Turns out they should’ve been doing this all along. This isn’t to discount their recent output, but the new entries in their Singles Project are looser and more vital than anything they’ve done in years. Think of their best songs — Cause U Can, All The Holes in the Walls, Greenland Sound, Yuma — and what they have in common. Loose, crazed, barely staying on the tracks. Birdmonster are at their best when the wheels are gonna come off and they’re able to lose themselves in the collective chaos of their abilities, when they sound like a band of friends sweating it out together towards the finish line. That’s what they sound like here — a band refreshed, excited and vital.

Also, can you believe it was October of 2005 when we first posted them? And that that as seven years ago? Wild!

happy halloween everybody.

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