You Can’t Afford This Modern Life


MitziModern Life.

There is a freshly fallen blanket of snow outside, quietly dripping and fluffing in the trees. The birds chirp and flit from branch to branch. The land arches its back under the weight of the snow like a downward facing dog. Even though there are piles and piles of powder outside there is an undeniable feeling of Spring. Each day a little warmer. Each night a little shorter. Each hopeful moment spilling over into the next.

There are days like this when we remember that even though we can’t afford this modern life, that doesn’t mean we can’t be happy about it. Mitzi understand this. I know nothing about the band and I don’t really want to. I listen to this song and can hear their life of pool parties and bbq’s and unpaid cellphone bills and a pile of wadded up taco wrappers and soda bottles in the back of the van, rolling through their town on fumes and bravado and making those harmless mistakes. And from this mess they have created an excellent, fun record. A callback to the mid-2000s heyday of Cut Copy and Walter Meego. A harbinger of Spring and the incredible summer that awaits.

The new album, Truly Alive, was just released on Australia’s Future Classic. You can stream the whole thing over at The Fader.


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